Tech has a gender problem…

We can teach women to code, but that just creates another problem.

by Miriam Posner who teaches in the Digital Humanities program at the University of California, Los Angeles.

I have been trying to do what I can to encourage more women to go into tech fields.  I came to think that perhaps getting more women back into tech would help to make it less of a bro club.    I have been questioning for the last few years if I am giving the right advice, especially for young women.  Am I setting them up for bad behaviour in a bad workplace?  It would seem so perhaps, looking at Uber’s current issues, Google’s refusal to analyse the gender based pay inequities, I could go on, but I want to stay positive.

As with any problem you have to identify the cause before you can fix it.   Though I find the article very much echos my own experience.  The same thing has happened in other fields in the past, as soon as it becomes predominantly or at least partially gender balanced, it becomes devalued.   The problem is in our society and how it continues, as a whole, to see women as lesser than.  This society continues to laud tech companies who use terms like culture fit and mertiocracy to exclude or devalue women and people of colour.

“The pipeline is not the problem; the meritocracy is the problem.”  Marie Hicks

The featured image is CC BY 2.0  via WoCinTech chat on flickr


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